Main photo - Cape Reinga lighthouse

Top left - Climbing a dune

Top right - And then "toboging" down that same dune.... a lot of fun!!! Tiring, but a lot of fun.

Top right - "Hole" in the wall on 90 mile beach.

Left - View from Cape Reinga towards 90 mile beach.

Map Left: For those of you not fimiliar with NZ, Cape Reinga is the furthest point NORTH that we as can go in NZ. The last big town you can stay in is Kaitaia. From there you could take a 4 X 4 bus tour and then go up to the Cape by road and on your return drive al the way on the beach back to Kaitaia. That light house is one of my favourite spots in NZ. But I must admit, I have quite a few "favourite spots" in NZ... ;-) (The little "marker" is @ Kaiataia for easy reference to the area.)

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